Invictus Games

The word ‘Invictus’ means ‘unconquered’. The Invictus Games pulls together the wounded, injured and ill Service members to show that the power of sport can heal wounds that lie deeper than the skin. The public can often believe service members can only be injured physically but these games show the horrific and heartbreaking stories that… Read More Invictus Games

Behind the Scenes: Ely Viking’s Korfball

First played in 1902, Korfball is an extremely fast growing sport. Cambridgeshire has 5 clubs which compete against each other on a regular basis. This week I investigated what’s so amazing about this exciting sport by watching a match and interviewing a star player. Interview with Ely Vikings player Jamie Cranwell Why do you enjoy Korfball? I enjoy it… Read More Behind the Scenes: Ely Viking’s Korfball