The Oakhill Sunday Sport Awards 2016

With Andy Murray once again winning Sports Personality of the year a few weeks ago it’s now time for the OSS (Oakhill Sunday Sport) awards for 2016.


  • The Best Magic Act Award once again goes to Eden Hazard as not only did he manage to disappear off the face of the earth last year, he managed to make himself (and the whole of the Chelsea squad) reappear and top the league going into the new year.
  • The Most Dangerous Job In Football Award goes to Jurgen Klopp’s glasses. These glasses are always in grave danger of getting crushed at the end of any game when Liverpool decide to score a last-minute winner after giving themselves a huge mountain to climb and climbing it!
  • The Zero To Hero Award goes to Jamie Vardy and Leicester.
  • The Hero To Zero Award goes to Jamie Vardy and Leicester.
  • The Player Of The Year Award unfortunately goes to Cristiano Ronaldo who annoyingly won everything possible and more this year.


  • The Best Coaches Curse Award goes to Eddie Jones who in the build up to the Argentina game a few months ago was praising Elliot Daly saying “he does things you can’t coach”. He was sent off after 5 minutes…
  • The Zero To Hero Award also goes to Eddie Jones after he took the England team from the depths of World Cup failure to a Grand Slam and an unbeaten year.

Formula 1

  • The Best Lie Of 2016 Award goes to Mercedes head Toto Wolf who going into the final race of the year claimed he was going to ‘let his two drivers race’ before telling Lewis Hamilton midway through the race to speed up so Nico Rosberg could pull away from Sebastian Vettel. Surprisingly enough with a World Championship on the line Hamilton refused but couldn’t prevent Rosberg winning the Championship.


  • The Most Predictable Winner Of Sports Personality Of The Year Award goes to Andy Murray after winning his 3rd SPOTY of his career ending the year World No.1, Olympic Champion, Wimbledon Champion and much more.


  • The Most Confusing Race Award goes to the Woman’s marathon as in that race was a pair of triplets and two pairs of twins. The twins both finished right next to each other giving the officials a hard time giving the final order!
  • The Worst Excuse Award goes to the Olympic officials as they said they couldn’t turn the green diving pool blue again overnight due to the fact ‘chemistry is not an exact Science’. Explains everything…

2 thoughts on “The Oakhill Sunday Sport Awards 2016

  1. Good awards Alex, certainly more interesting than the sports personality of the year on the BBC. Looking forward to reading more blogs in the future.


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