Behind the Scenes: Fans Team Football

Fans Team Football is Sunday League with a twist. Fans of one team compete against supporters from another to fight for bragging rights. However, the style is laid back. For example the games are organised over Twitter…

Interview with Abbey United (Cambridge United Fans team) player James Denton

When did Fans Football start?

I don’t know when it was officially started but teams were playing each other in friendlies about 8-9 years ago.

Do you play in Leagues and Cups?

We are part of the Internet Friendly League. The league doesn’t count for anything but we also play in a London Clubs Cup. We made the final of that last year and played West Ham! That’s quite a good competition. Also this year we played in the National Cup and played away against St Johnstone.

How big is Fans Football?

Most teams have a fans team, not all of them play matches every week as they might not have enough players. All the clubs are on Twitter as that’s how the games are organised.

Do the actual clubs run the fans team?

It’s independently run, but the clubs support it and do things like give the fans team the actual kit from last season. Cambridge give us (Abbey United) a section in the match day program and this year the Cambridge chairman paid for us to play our cup game in Scotland.

Can teams like Cambridge play teams like Manchester United?

Yes, anyone can play anyone but you do try and play the team your club is playing on the day.

How quickly has it grown?

We seem to play more games every year which must mean it is growing quite a bit.

Finally, is it easy to get into?

Yes it’s a social thing so you can just come along and if you’re  good enough you’ll get put in the team.

All Fans Teams are on Twitter. Abbey United’s Twitter is


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