Dominant Djokovic blows Brit away

After smashing Roger Federer in the semi final, Novak Djokovic came into the final as clear favourite over 2nd in the world Andy Murray. However, few would’ve expected an utterly dominant performance from the world number 1 considering Murray’s performances coming into the final. In the end, Djokovic’s power and skill in baseline rallies, Murray’s awful first set and the destructive mental strength of the Serb resulted in a relatively simple win for Djokovic.

Djokovic’s search for a 6th Aussie Open title started with a bang in the first set. After a shaky first game the world’s best broke Murray in his first service game. 2-0 up after 9 minutes is not a lead that Djokovic gives up easily, and two more holds and one break later placed him at 5-0. Murray then managed to pull his wayward forehand together to hold serve and make it 5-1 but could not prevent the big Serb from cruising to a one set to love lead.

Murray then managed to find his feet in the second set and started to put pressure on the Djokovic serve whilst holding his own service games. However, the true champion he is, the world number 1 kept the Brit at bay despite the hard hitting from Murray. The Scotsman kept making errors at crucial moments preventing him from a break of serve. Then finally a break, but to Djokovic who now looked to be on his way to winning the second set at 4-3. But Murray had other ideas. A quick break back brought him level at 4-4 and then held again. At 5-5 and 40 love to Murray the Brit was looking to wrap up the game and put Djokovic under pressure but the champion still had hope of a break. Pulling off 5 successive points including a stunning 36 shot rally put Djokovic within a game of the set. Unlike Murray, Djokovic didn’t let his chance go begging. 2-0 Djokovic.

Having made Djokovic work for the second set Murray was confident going into the third but gave away an early break and the title looked to be heading to Serbia. However, the battler that he is, Murray fought hard and forced a tie break at the end of the third set. It was never to be though as Murray suffered two double faults early on and Djokovic powered home winning the match 6-1, 7-5, 7-6 (7-3).

As he showed Djokovic is the best in the world by an absolute mile and there isn’t really a way to play him as he has no weaknesses. At 28 years old he could and should go on to become an all time great. If he keeps going at this rate he will almost certainly pass Federer’s 18 Grand Slams (Djokovic has 11). As for Murray he needs to work out how to play Djokovic. In my opinion he needs to be upping his game and hitting shots like he did late on in the 2nd set. If he gives Djokovic a 1 set to love lead like he did today he has no chance. I think he may beat Djokovic at Wimbledon or the US Open if he really focuses on how people like Giles Simon have played the Serb and pushed him to the limit. For now though, it’s Djokovic all the way to the French Open. Au Revoir!



4 thoughts on “Dominant Djokovic blows Brit away

  1. A good review Alex, it’s a shame for Murray that Djokovic is such a dominant force in the game. I feel he will win a few more titles but will play second fiddle most of the time. Grass is a better chance for him, but only slightly!


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