The OakhillSundaySport awards

Sports Personality of the Year 2015 was won by Andy Murray two weeks ago. Now it’s time for the OSS (OakhillSundaySport) Awards:


  • The Best Magic Act Award goes to Eden Hazard who has managed to disappear from August and still hasn’t been found.
  • The Biggest Thing In World Football Award goes to Jose Mourinho’s ego which ultimately got him sacked.
  • The Zero To Hero Award goes to Leicester and Jamie Vardy and The Hero To Zero Award goes to Gary Monk who started the 2015/16 season with a bang, then lost a few games and got sacked.
  • The Most Improved Player Award goes to Neymar Jr after going from a superb player in 2014 to a world class one in 2015.


  • The Fastest 50m Sprint By a Referee Award goes to Craig Joubert when he sprinted off the pitch at the Rugby World Cup after single handedly dumping Scotland out of the competition.
  • The Best Quote Award goes to Matt Dawson who said “it gives me great pleasure to cut off Robbie Savage in his prime” after the former Welsh footballer called in to Radio 5 Live after Wales beat England in the Rugby World Cup.
  • The Zero To Hero Award goes to Dan Carter who was man of the match in the World Cup final against Australia after missing out on the 2011 final due to injury.


  • The Best Quote Award goes to Andy Murray who during his Sports Personality of the Year speech mentioned his friend had sent him an article reading ‘Andy Murray is as dull as a weekend in Worthing.’ He finished by saying he thought that it was a bit harsh on Worthing.
  • The Best Player At Changing His Clothes Award goes to Nick Kyrigos after the feisty Australian started taking his socks off in a match with Richard Gasquet.


  • The Most Changed Position Award goes to the England No.2 position. Nick Compton, Joe Root, Michael Carberry, Sam Robson, Jonathon Trott, Adam Lyth and Moeen Ali have all had a pop at the position and failed. Good Luck Alex Hales…


  • The Most Big Headed Person Award go to Tyson Fury who after beating Wladimir Klitschko made a few outrageous statements and then defended himself instead of apologising. He is also annoyingly full of himself which doesn’t make him very popular.

So that’s the end of the OSS awards for 2015. Please comment your awards below.


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