Santa’s not the only one with the sack this Christmas

This week there has been one massive sacking that has shaken the footballing world, oh and Jose Mourinho was fired as well. That’s right, on Tuesday Luton Town manager John Still was saying goodbye after a run of dreadful results for the Hatters. Losing 4-3 against Northampton after being 1-0 up was obviously the final straw for the Luton board, even though just a season and a half ago this was the man that took the club from their non-league nightmare up to League 2.

Jose Mourinho was destined for the exit door ever since his bust up with Eva Carniero and his feisty press conferences just confirmed his fate. However, let’s not forget Chelsea were Champions last year by a huge margin so what went wrong? Well, towards the back end of last season the Blues performances were going downhill rapidly. This was all papered over by the fact they won the title but this season the cracks have begun to show.

Also, Jose Mourinho had lost the players. He was moaning after every game about bad refereeing which in fact made the refs more likely to give the 50-50 decisions the other way. This made him more frustrated and it just went round and round in circles. People will say how can Abramovich sack him just months after he won the title but it was unavoidable and in my opinion Chelsea wouldn’t have got anywhere near the top ten this season if they had continued with Jose at the helm.

John Still isn’t the type of manager who mirrors Mourinho’s antics and I think he was a bit unlucky to get the sack. However, some of his tactical decisions were less than impressive and the defence was as leaky as a rusty drainpipe. In an FA cup match a fortnight ago, he played a right winger at right back, a right back at left back and had a left back on the bench! Unsurprisingly Luton were battered despite the score line only being 2-0.

It is worth noting that both sides played yesterday and both won. Chelsea beat Sunderland 3-1 playing with freedom and happiness, something they didn’t have under Mourinho. Luton scored a 90+10 minute winner in the process of defeating Exeter 3-2, winning for the first time in 6 matches.

So, despite all that’s happened this week everything’s looking up for these two sides. Guus Hiddink has been appointed manager till the end of the season for Chelsea and I believe they can now get into Europe. Meanwhile, Luton are on the search for a replacement for Still (John Hartson has apparently applied for the job) and I think they could sneak into the play offs this season if they find the right manager. Only time will tell if Santa will bring these teams some festive cheer to lighten up their miserable campaigns.



3 thoughts on “Santa’s not the only one with the sack this Christmas

  1. The players have a lot to answer for at Chelsea no wonder some of their own supporters showed their anger at some of the players during the match,surprise surprise they won.


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