Hamilton wins in Monza…controversially

1Lewis Hamilton won the Italian Grand Prix today by a massive margin of 25 seconds but most of the action came in the latter stages of the race and also after it!!!

It was a fairly routine victory for Hamilton, leading from pole and crossing the line 25 seconds ahead of second place Sebastian Vettel. With a few laps to go… The controversy started. Hamilton was told by his team to ‘push harder’ and ‘open up a gap’ over second place even though he had a massive lead already.

It was later confirmed that Mercedes wanted him to do this because they had been informed that one of Hamilton’s tyres was below the pressure that was required and he may be handed a penalty. After 3 hours the stewards decided that Hamilton was allowed to be handed his victory.

As for his team-mate, Nico Rosberg, his engine blew up a few laps from the end forcing him to retire and therefore lose 25 points to Hamilton in the title race.

Felipe Massa took third ahead of Valteri Bottas but this was a day for Hamilton!!!IMG_20150906_181605330


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